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Cabinet Painting Orlando

Work Preformed
Kitchen cabinet refinish, hardware update, backsplash replaced, and LED lighting installed

Revitalize Your Kitchen: Backsplash Revamp and Cabinet Painting Orlando 

Our recent gig for cabinet painting in Orlando was a transformational journey from dull to dazzling. In the world of kitchen makeovers, sometimes all it takes is a touch of paint and a fresh backsplash to spice things up.

First up, those tired old brown cabinets needed a serious makeover. We whipped out the paintbrushes and gave them a slick, crisp coat of bright white. That simple switch-up lit up the room, setting the stage for a complete style overhaul.

But we didn’t stop there… We waved goodbye to the old backsplash and said “Hola” to a swanky new glass-style replacement. Picture that—a sleek, modern backsplash that brought the whole kitchen vibe together. Plus, we threw in some LED lights under the cabinets for that extra pop!

We’re all about the details, using top-notch spray techniques to give those cabinets a pro finish. And hey, we didn’t forget the little things—swapping out the cabinet handles for some chic new ones that added that modern touch.

Now here’s the kicker: we shifted those outlets from the backsplash wall to below the cabinets. Not only did it boost the kitchen’s looks, but it also upped its functionality game.

The outcome? A kitchen that underwent a complete metamorphosis—its ambience transformed from dated and lackluster to contemporary and inviting. The client agreed, the overall effect was nothing short of dramatic, with a newfound sense of openness and brightness that revitalized the entire space.

Why Call us for Cabinet Painting in Orlando?

At our core, we’re not just renovators; we’re creators of renewed experiences. Our cabinet painting and backsplash update services in Orlando aim not only to transform spaces but also to breathe new life into your kitchen, making it a hub of modern elegance and functionality. What about you? Are you dreaming of a new kitchen to cook your family meals?

Contact us for a free quote on your next kitchen remodel. Experience the difference with our meticulous approach to kitchen revitalization. We approach every job with great care and our personal touch.