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Reflooring with Tile Flooring in Orlando

Work Preformed
Installed new flooring throughout the entire house

Elevate Your Space: A Seamless Tile Flooring Transformation in Orlando

In the pursuit of revamping living spaces, our Orlando-based client sought a flooring upgrade that balanced both aesthetics and convenience. The challenge was crystal clear: replace the existing tile with new porcelain tile measuring a striking 38″x 38″, all while steering clear of the inevitable dust and chaos associated with tile removal.

Enter our innovative solution—an approach tailored to address the client’s needs without compromising on quality. To meet their request, we employed a unique technique. Instead of undergoing the arduous process of tile removal, we applied a specialized sealant atop the existing tile surface. This clever maneuver served as the perfect foundation for installing the new porcelain tile seamlessly.

By layering the new porcelain tile over the treated existing tile, we not only met the client’s specifications but also bypassed the mess and disruption typically associated with tile replacement. This innovative approach ensured a hassle-free, top-notch installation while delivering a high-quality finish.

This technique proved to be a game-changer, allowing us to provide our client with a beautifully upgraded space minus the chaos and dust clouds that typically accompany such projects. The end result? A flawless floor upgrade that seamlessly integrated the client’s desired 38″x 38″ porcelain tiles while maintaining the tranquility of their living space.

This transformation showcases our commitment to delivering excellence while prioritizing our client’s comfort. It’s a testament to our dedication to innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

In conclusion, for those in Orlando seeking a flooring upgrade that combines style, convenience, and quality, our innovative approach to tile installation promises a transformative experience. Say goodbye to dust clouds and disruptions—embrace a seamless upgrade that elevates your space without the hassle!

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